Open Selfie Pod Photo Booth

The open selfie pod photo booth is perfect for the smaller venue where space is tight.

Small in size but big on features

The selfie pod is packed with the latest technology, it delivers quality photos but also gifs and boomerangs ready to share to their social media.

Choose to have the selfie pod as a stand alone digital package or add a printing station for instant print outs.


Share your images direct to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email and text.

Check your date

With a light this bright with changing colours, your Guests will be drawn over to the Selfie Pod.


Touch screen, videos, photos, gifs, social sharing, digital props with face tracking technology and more! These Selfie Pods were the winners of the Best Photo Booth 2019 at the Photo Booth Expo. We only use the best so that you receive the best quality!


With prices starting from £325 what's stopping you?

Ramp up the wow factor with these great add ons, shown below, for your event.


Why  not add a printing station to your package? Available as double prints and a personalised guest book, or as prints per person and a personalised guest book.



If you have the space why not add a backdrop to your package? We have lots of different ones to choose from, including the latest triple arch sets with Neon. 

A custom personalised screen is a great way to welcome your guests to your event. Choose from simple words or add a photo.



A personalised prop is a fun addition to your event. Add a 'Mr 

& Mrs ....' prop to your package. Fun on the night and then whip it out every Anniversary!