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Photo Booth Types Enclosed Booths Vs Open Booths

What photo booths are there to choose from?

Mirrors – AKA Magic Mirrors, Selfie Mirror, Mirror Me Booth, Mirror Mirror, Mirror Photo Booth

Enclosed – AKA Traditional Booth, Curtain Booth, Photo Booth

Pod – AKA Selfie Pod, Selfie Tower, Ring Light, Aura, Lite Booth, Open Booth

So you’ve got your heart set on a photo booth for your wedding or upcoming event. Awesome! In our opinion, you just can’t go wrong with a photo booth! The only problem now is choosing which type you want. If you’re new to the photo booth rental world, you might be surprised to see that there are different types of photo booths that have different looks, sizes, and functionality. One of the many great things about is the fact that we have a wide variety of booths to choose from! They can be divided into three categories, Mirrors, Enclosed and Pods.

Guests enjoying a photo booth

Magic Mirror Booth

The Magic Mirror booths can be a happy medium, offering some privacy depending on its positioning with the backdrop or have it fully on show. Guests can see others enjoying the experience, as the mirror will talk back to the Guests and they are an impressive attraction.

Pros: Large groups, aesthetically pleasing, high quality DSLR equipment

Cons: You need an attendant who understands photography and crowd control

Enclosed Booths

Enclosed booths are photo booths that completely surround the guests. It completely hides the person that goes in and takes a photo, with a curtain hiding them. The most common type are the oval ones that can fit around 5 people. You can now get ones that are inflatable and come with internal glowing lights, these offer the same privacy but with more room.

Pros: Camera shy guests like privacy

Cons: Limited group numbers with the oval type, guests can’t see the previous group having fun, photo quality can be poor

Selfie Pod/Open Air Booth

Selfie Pods or Open Air Booths are booths that operate without any structure or enclosed area that hides the guest. When a client selects an open booth, they are most likely wanting a small footprint with a simple clean look and you can usually choose a backdrop to compliment your theme or to give a certain vibe. Sometimes the venue has a beautiful wall or a feature wall that could be used as a backdrop, making your photos really unique! If you opt out of having a backdrop and the walls are boring in your venue, you can set the booth where it’s facing the party using the crowd as the backdrop. As with the magic mirror you can have a large number of people can crowd into a photo, so depending on your space, you could get a huge group shot!

Pros: Simple, great for limited space, easy to share on social media

Cons: Camera shy guests may not participate or give their best / funniest photo, often the basic package has no printing option

What else should I consider?

Always check your venue space, ceiling height and floor plan to make sure you have an adequate amount of space.

An area of about 10×10 is a good start for most photo booth options.

If you go for a large booth, keep in mind that there still needs to be room for a line.

Keep a healthy line of communication open so the photo booth can execute your vision.

Think about what you are trying to achieve with your photo booth, is it a party starter, entertainment, or are you after great quality photos for a guest book?

Final thoughts when booking a photo booth

Do they have staff that can keep your party going with your guests?

Do they have a good choice of backdrops to fit your theme?

Can they answer all your queries?

Do they have an easy booking and quote system?

Have they worked through issues at events and have a back up plan?

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