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Campervan Photobooth covering Gloucestershire and The Cotswolds

Campervan Photobooth in Gloucestershire

When does a photo booth surpass mere photos? When it becomes an immersive experience. Enter our world—it's not just any photo booth; it's a journey back to the vibrant 70s, complete with original Champagne hues, pulsating music, dazzling lights, and of course, timeless quality photos.


Our campervan photobooth combines retro and modern, with this VW dub mobile photo booth, combining our love of photography and campervan's. This retro chic bus comes equipped with the latest in digital camera technology to provide a unique experience for weddings, birthdays or corporate events.

Imagine those cool summery evenings, sitting and laughing with friends, fire pit crackling and the smell of pizza wafting through the air. 


And there it is, the campervan photobooth bus lights twinkling and calling you over with some 70s disco music, not just a photo booth but a full on party pit stop.  

Contact us using the form below for some more information and availability for your wedding or event. 


Peace, love and fun. Our T2 Volkswagon micro bus was imported from Oregon USA, this rare, special edition 1978 Champagne Edition bay window, still has its original sun scorched paint work and pantina. With its oh so seventies retro colours, full of character, sienna vinyl interior with beige courdroy seats and brown dashboard it really does radiate positive vibes for a unique retro photo booth experience. 

The Campervan photo booth bus has now been updated to include our new luxury photo booth! The latest in photo booth elegance and technology, served up in an all American campervan classic!

Email us for some information, regarding our availability for your wedding or event. 

See our Campervan FAQs below

How much space do we need? The campervan is designed to be set up outside, we will need enough hard standing space for the campervan and about enough space around it for guests to mingle.

As its outside, away from the venue, do you provide music? We do, we will normally play a mixture of music, with some 70s through to today. If you have any special requests let us know.

How many guest fit into the campervan booth? We allow 5 adults in the campervan, but there is some discretion either way.

What happens if its bad weather? Unforunately in this country, the weather can be unpredictable and unseasonal, we will not be able to set up in bad weather conditions, and we are sure your guests would not want to be running outside in the rain to the photo booth, no matter how cool it is. We will provide our luxury photo booth inside should the worse happen.

See more of our FAQs here

Our Campervan photobooth packages range from £949 through to £1499, with our most popular at £949. For more information please fill in the contact form below, email us or get an instant quote here.

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