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12 entertainment ideas for Weddings as alternatives to dancing

Updated: Feb 10

Certainly, not everyone enjoys dancing at weddings, and there are plenty of alternative activities and entertainment options that you can consider incorporating into a wedding to ensure that all guests have a great time. Here are some alternatives to dancing at a wedding:

Wedding Entertainment like Magicians or Bands

Instead of a dance floor, hire some live musicians or performers to entertain your guests at your wedding. This could include a live band, solo musicians, acoustic performers, or even a magician or a comedian to keep the crowd engaged.

We've been lucky enough to have seen some great entertainment from magicians in the weddings we've attended, these include

a wedding magician with fire at Old Gore Barn in Cheltenham
The amazing Steve Rowe wedding magician - great wedding entertainment!

Giant Garden Games For Wedding Entertainment

Set up various interactive games and activities that encourage guests to mingle with each other and have fun. Options can include lawn games like cornhole, giant Jenga, mini golf, giant chess or a photo scavenger hunt around your wedding venue.

a giant chess game outside at a wedding
Giant chess for outdooor wedding entertainment fun

Wedding Cigar Bars

You can create some different themed stations that guests can visit throughout the evening. These could include, for instance:

- **DIY Craft Station:** Provide supplies for guests to create their own wedding-themed crafts or keepsakes.

- **Cigar or Whiskey Bar:** Set up a cozy corner with cigars, whiskey tastings, or other specialty drinks.

Wedding Photo Booth

Get a photo booth for your wedding entertainment, with a variety of props and backdrops. This not only captures memories but also provides entertainment for guests as they create fun photo memories. Did we mention that we provide photo booths?

Wedding Firework Displays

If your wedding is outdoors, you could organize activities like a bonfire with marshmallow roasting, stargazing, or even a fireworks display.

Wedding Cocktail Stations

Create unique food and beverage experiences that guests can enjoy throughout the evening. This could include a dessert bar, a chocolate fountain, a wine or cocktail tasting station, or even a food truck.

Cultural Dancing

Organize performances related to the wedding's theme or your personal interests. This could include cultural dances, live painting, or even a theatrical performance.

Bride and Groom Question Games

Host fun and lighthearted games that involve the newlyweds. For instance, a "newlywed game" where the couple answers questions about each other or a trivia game about their relationship. Whenever we see this entertainment idea at wedding, there is always roars of laughter.

Charity Activities

Instead of traditional entertainment, consider involving your guests in a charitable activity or community project. This can add meaning and purpose to your wedding celebration.

Outdoor Cinema

If you're having an evening wedding, consider setting up an outdoor movie screening area with comfortable seating and popcorn for a cozy cinematic experience. This is particularly effective for children.

Tarot Reading

For something really unique and different, why not hire a tarot reader for your guests? Why not try Erika Owls, based in London, see her website here.

Wedding Tarot Readings

Hire a caricature artist

A completely hand-drawn entertainment service that offers a personal, laugh out loud way of grabbing your guests' attention when they are ready to party!

Big chuckles as the big reveal is made when the paper is turned! You'll never forget that moment when you see yourself and your friends in stretchy-face caricature form!

You can reach Tony here

Remember that the goal is to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for you and your guests. Choose activities that reflect your personalities and preferences while ensuring that everyone feels included and engaged throughout the celebration.

During your special day it’s important to think about the best periods for entertainment too. A live rocking bands suits the evening, getting everyone up and finishing off the day on a huge high…but they aren't suited to the drinks reception when people are more relaxed and chatting.

Similarly a magician is best suited to the daytime period. The drinks reception is when a lot of photography tends to be happening, leaving a number of guests with not much else to do, so having a Magician wow them really helps the day flow smoothly with no lulls for anyone.

We offer a selection of photos to suit all weddings, if you would like a quote get in touch!

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