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Our Name Change

We are currently known as Fancy Pants Magic Mirror, we have taken the decision to change to Fancy Pants Events. Why the change you ask? Thankfully, its only a short story.....

The relief when you hear its a short story

Many, many moons ago Sweetpea Wedding Photography was born, Simon and his father had decided to become professionally what they had already been doing for a long time. The usual preparations began, a website, email, business cards and much more.

elmore court wedding reception, husband interrupting his wife.

Let them tell the story....

Whilst in the wedding Industry Simon noticed the photo booths were popping up, great fun but most were of low quality, leaving Simon feeling they could be much better. After a lot of research, Simon invested in the award winning foto master magic mirror, this would produce the high quality he was after, leaving couples with the best of both worlds, high quality photos as well as fun! It was a win win combination.

Foto master magic mirror at an event in Gloucester
The Beauty Magic Mirror

This business was named Fancy Pants Magic Mirror, as the magic mirror was of such quality, we didn't want it to merely be an add on to his photography site, we needed to launch this in all its entirety. AS we have grown, we have added several other wedding products to this company, but now feel the name does not reflect the services we offer.

We now have Wedding Photography, Event Photography, Magic Mirrors, Open Selfie Pods, Neon Signs, Backdrops, Candy Carts, and more. We needed to rethink our name! We still really liked the Fancy Pants and what we felt it represented for us - fun but also top quality, so we changed just the last part, Fancy Pants Events was born.

We are really excited for this new chapter, and we hope you are too!

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