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What can a branded gif photo booth do for your company?

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Having a branded photo booth at corporate events can be a fantastic idea to enhance engagement, branding, and entertainment for attendees. Having a branded photo booth is just the start though!

Here we show you how you can effectively incorporate a photo booth into your corporate event:

Branding and Customisation throughout your Photo Booth

Customise the photo booth to align with your company's branding. Use backdrops, props, and frames that incorporate your company logo, colors, and event theme. This helps reinforce your brand identity and creates a cohesive experience for your clients.

3 ladies celebrating at a party with a photo booth.
Using an old fashioned style strongman for a fun element, then the company logo, the event title and then using the 10th anniversary on the weights to tie in.

Social Media Integration with Photo Booths

Set up the branded photo booth with the capability to instantly share photos on social media platforms. This can increase your event's online visibility and engagement, allowing attendees to share their experiences with their own friends and networks.

Interactive Elements with your Branded Photo Booth

Consider adding interactive elements to the photo booth, such as touch screens that allow attendees to choose from different filters, digital props, and overlays. This modern touch adds a layer of engagement and excitement.

Data Collection on your Photo Booth

Use the photo booth as a way to collect attendee data, such as email addresses for future communication. Incorporate a sign-up option or QR code that leads attendees to your company's mailing list or newsletter.

a laptop showing data as a graph and pie chart
Data Collection from your event

Custom Photo Frames or Templates

Design unique photo frames or templates that include your company's logo, event name, and date. Attendees will leave with branded photos that serve as lasting reminders of the event. See our Amazon branded Gif photo booth here

Contests and Giveaways on your Photo Booth

Use the branded photo booth for contests and giveaways. Encourage attendees to take creative photos or participate in challenges, with prizes for the best entries. This adds an element of competition and excitement.

With a product launch set the photo booth to 'win' on every turn, the prize can be 10% off their next purchase, to encourage them to purchase at your store.

woman cheering as she wins a competition
The spin to win feature on our Gif braned photo booth

Background Removal Technology

Incorporate removal technology into the photo booth, allowing attendees to choose various backgrounds related to your company or event theme. This can transport them to different settings and enhance the fun.

Mosiac Wall

Set up the photo booth as unique wall art. Attendees can take photos and their photos will be printed in a preset format to create a memorable keepsake for your company.

Team Building

If your corporate event involves team-building activities, the photo booth can serve as a fun way for teams to bond and create memorable moments together. See here for some further ideas of team building activities.

Analytics and Insights

If the photo booth software provides analytics, you can gain insights into who shared what photos and on which social platform. This information can help you understand attendee preferences for future events.

VIP or Red Carpet Experience

For special corporate events, consider creating a VIP or red carpet experience with the photo booth. Use velvet ropes, step-and-repeat banners, and event hosts to enhance the exclusivity.

Entertainment During Breaks

Place the photo booth strategically, so attendees can use it during breaks or downtime. It provides a fun and interactive way to keep participants engaged between sessions.

Surveys on your Photo Booth

Get your guests to answer a couple of online questions on your new product, your customer service or their ideas of where they think you should be heading next.

Remember that the success of a photo booth at a corporate event lies in its ability to align with your event's goals and branding, while offering a memorable and enjoyable experience for attendees. Make your guests want to share their branded photos, gifs and boomerangs from your event!

Contact us if you would like some details on how we can make a branded photo booth work for you and your company event.

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