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Adding a Touch of Magic to Your Event with a Photo Booth!

So, you're thinking of having a photo booth at your event, but still need a little convincing?

Well, you're in the right place because we have all the juicy details that you need to make your event exceptionally fun.

Photo Booth Hire

Photo booths keep guests entertained!

A photo booth will provide plenty of entertainment for your guests, some guests aren't big dancers or sometimes that outgoing socially. The photo booth will let the guests interact with each other in a relaxed informal setting, and that way they are still a part of the party.

Photo booths encourage mingling!

A photo booth creates a setting for guests to mingle in a fun way, even if they don't know each other. Seeing others having fun is a great ice breaker and once someone starts, you will have guests desperate for some of the action.

You get some great fun photos!

If you have a photographer in the evening, they will probably be focused on you and the dance floor. With a photo booth you will get authentic fun photos of your guests, not everyone likes to pose for a photographer and the photo booth is an easy fun way to get your photo taken. Other guests will actively encourage each other to be silly and let go, and the result is you will get to see all of those moments even if you are living it up on the dance floor.

You get instant results!

Waiting for professional photographs is boring, sometimes taking months. With a photo booth you can digitally download your photos or get an instant print right there - how amazing will your guests find that? If you have a guest book, you will receive it at the end of your day, imagine looking at your photos the next morning? You will see all the fun your guests had at your photo booth.

Favours people want!

If your event is a wedding then you've probably been stressing about favours, well we can eliminate that fear and stress for you.

An instant print is one favour that your guests will want to take home, and even if they lose that, they will have a digital version to treasure. Why not add some text to your photo templates 'Thank you for coming to our wedding'.

People will remember your photo booth!

Whenever you have an event, you want your guests to remember what a wonderful time they had, if you have a photo booth they will remember the laughing and fun, there's no question about that. Will they remember your cake? Will they remember what your invites were like? Maybe.

Value for money

On the face of it, you may think initially that photo booths are expensive when you could go DIY for around £250. Our most popular photo booth is around £550, and this includes everything! Book it, and leave it to us to set it all up, get the very best photos possible, encourage guests to fill in your guestbook - even write their message for you, if they are struggling.

Personalise your photo booth

When you book a photo booth, you can choose the photo template for your event. You can then add any text you like, like your event name, your new married name or anything else that will add your personality to the event.

Hashtags and social sharing

Your guests are probably going to want to share their photos on social media, why not add a hashtag to your event, so that you and all the guests will get to see all the wonderful photos from the photo booth.

There is no getting away from the fact that photo booths are fun, fun, FUN!

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