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Why Choose Luxury Photobooth Hire for Your Next Special Occasion?

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

All photo booths are great fun, they can breathe life into any event and bring everyone together, but what if you want a photo booth that's a bit special? The easy solution is to hire a luxury photobooth.

There are many reasons you would want to hire a luxury photobooth over the standard photobooth.

Luxury Photo Booth for weddings
Luxury Photo Booth

It's your wedding day

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life, and everyone knows that the best way to keep those memories alive is through photography. You will have your photographer take all the daytime guests and maybe some parts of the early evening too, these will be high quality photos to treasure forever.

With a luxury photo booth you will capture all the guests having fun and laughing. posing with props and generally being silly but these will also be high quality photos that you can treasure forever.

bride holding a disco ball at a photo booth
Having some luxury style fun at the photo booth

You want your guests to get great photos

Your guests can take the usual funny poses with props but they can also use the luxury photo booth to take some serious photos. We often have guests take funny photos, then when they see the quality, they will ask if they can also have a 'serious' photo that they can treasure forever. How often to you get the chance to have a professional photo taken? Not often enough. Share this gift with all your guests.

You're having a formal event

Remember the last time you went to an event and you bought a new dress, had your hair styled and spent an age doing your makeup? You looked and felt great! So when your guests have made a wonderful effort to wear their best finery for your event, you can give them the photo that they deserve with a luxury photo booth.

guests in 1920s  dress up for a party
A formal 1920s themed event

You're not having a photographer at your event

Event photography is expensive! This is because it's a lot of work. A luxury photo booth will work out cheaper. It also has some advantages over a photographer.

With a photographer you will need to tell them which photos to take before the event, with a photo booth your guests will decide which photos they want to be taken. Even guests who aren't keen can normally be encouraged when its part of a group and when they get to be silly with props.

Your photographer will not produce instant prints and your guests will not get their own photos digitally. The luxury photo booth will print out instantly and guests can download their photos to their phones or emails instantly.

You want to make a statement

When you have spent a long time planning your event, you want it to be remembered by everyone as a wonderful occasion. The luxury photo booth will help differentiate your event, with it's desirable iconic design that appeals to anyone that values style and quality. The photo booth is hand crafted in oak, at every event that we attend all the guests gush over this photo booth. Your guests will be blown away.

luxury photo booth in oak
Luxury Photo Booth Handmade in England

You have guests coming from miles away that you don't see often

When you need your photos to be good enough for you to look back on for many many years, the luxury photo booth is the one for you. Our luxury photo booth is not just about entertainment, they're portable photography studios to take on the road. The pro beauty lighting makes everyone look picture perfect and the 24.1MP camera ensures the images are fantastic at any size.

So, if a luxury photobooth is the one for you and your event, then let us know!

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