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Branded Amazon Fashion Gif Photo Booth Hire

Updated: Feb 21

amazon fashion house at el dorado hereford festival store frontage
Amazon Fashion at El Dorado Festival in Hereford

A Party Gif Photo Booth

Annually, the El Dorado festival takes place at the picturesque Eastnor Deer Park in Ledbury, Hereford. This vibrant event spans four unforgettable days, offering a delightful blend of marketplaces, musical performances, culinary delights, and camping experiences.

During the festival's duration, we proudly presented a bespoke GIF photo booth branded for Amazon Fashion. This engaging attraction added an extra layer of excitement to the four-day celebration.

Branding the Gif Photo Booth

The concept for the Amazon store drew inspiration from "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." Upon entering the store, visitors encountered a wardrobe-like door that opened into a cozy chamber hosting the GIF photo booth. Inside, an array of captivating Amazon props awaited, ready for creative use.

The room itself exuded a sense of enchantment, with shimmering glitter curtains and dazzling disco balls adorning the space. In contrast, the GIF photo booth was elegantly understated, cloaked in sleek black vinyl. Emblazoned with the Amazon fashion logo, it sported the words "disco, fashion, dancing" artfully repeated on both its front and back panels.

The wardrobe inspired door entrance!

The room with glitter curtains and glitter balls!

Branding the Photo Templates and Software

When customizing our GIF photo booth, we ensure that, at a minimum, it encompasses the shell covering, photo templates, a captivating start screen, and the necessary email/text messaging software. In cases where clients have a clear vision, they have the option to design these elements themselves, provided we furnish them with the design specifications for each component.

Additionally, we often find ourselves collaborating with clients to brainstorm innovative themes and strategies for integrating their branding within the framework of their established guidelines. This collaborative effort results in creative and tailored solutions that align seamlessly with their unique vision and objectives.

The Amazon Gif Photo Booth Start Screen

Branded Photo Booth Photo Templates

When clients retrieve their GIFs, boomerangs, and photos, the templates will feature your company's distinct colors and logos. Subsequently, when clients share these images on their social media profiles, your brand identity will be prominently displayed to a wider audience.

To foster and enhance social media sharing, you can further engage clients by introducing a designated hashtag for their use, along with incentives to encourage participation. This not only amplifies the reach of your brand but also promotes greater interaction and engagement with your content.

To see some more information about our branding options, you can see our other blog here.

To see what we can do for your next company event and bring your ideas to life, contact Louise by email at or use our contact form through our wesbite.

We can highly recommend Blue Sky Signs for the amazing branding work on our Gif digital pod, so if your after any type of signage, vehicle graphics, printing or promotional work, then get in touch!

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