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Wedding and Photo Booth Blogs for Fancy Pants Events

Wedding Photo Booth Case studies - can we help you?

Case study 1 - DIY polaroids or Luxury Photo Booth?

Bride and groom using a photo booth at Naas Court Farm
Luxury Photo Booth set up outside at Naas Court Farm

Our lovely couple Helena & Sam were getting married at Naas Court Farm in May 2023. They had toyed with the idea of setting up a DIY photo booth with polaroids to capture their friends and family in the evening, but were also looking to set up outside.

Potential problems with DIY photo booths - that you need to think about.

Gorgeous couple at a party

The reason Helena & Sam were worried about the DIY option was that they wanted to do their photos in the evening outside, which presented the problem setting up enough light to capture photos.

With DIY polaroids, who is taking the photo? Someone has to take the photo, which can result in guests getting left out from photos.

The other issue with polaroids is that they can be quite wasteful, which can result in high costs, a lot of waste going straight into the bin, and poor quality photos which are only fun for the night.

How we eliminated those problems with the DIY photo booth

A lovely family photo, which is good enough quality to keep for many years.

We could make all Helena & Sam's potential problems disappear with our luxury photo booth!

We can go outside, so that their guests can have the warm summer evening experience that wanted for them.

Our luxury photo booth provides studio lighting, to ensure wonderful everlasting quality of the photos, making them a wonderful keepsake for many years.

We can make sure no one is left out of the photos, we run the photo booth so that all the guests can get involved, and as the guests can see themselves in the screen before the photo is taken, they can create some great poses.

The Result!

five friends having fun at a photo booth.
Helena & Sams Wedding at Naas Court

Our luxury photo booth was the perfect solution to all of the problems!

Google Review from Helena Clark May 2023

"We couldn't have had a better experience. Prior to the day with helping getting everything organised to the day itself, the staff throughout were friendly, fun and easy to work with.

The photos turned out better than we could have imagined, and our guests had so much fun too! We nearly did a DIY photo booth with polaroids but so happy we opted for this instead."

Take a look at our Luxury Photo Booth here


Case study 2 - Let down at the last minute by your photo booth

Our lovely couple Laura & Chris were getting married at Cripps Barn in July 2022, they had two weeks until they were flying over from another country to get married. Arranging a wedding from another country can be quite difficult and stressful in itself but unfortunatley a spanner was just about to land in their wedding plans!

bride and groom at Cripps Barn Cotswolds
Laura & Chris - the lovely couple

Dealing with a last minute cancellation of your photo booth

Evening Entertainment for your wedding guests

Unfortunately they had their planned photo booth cancel at the last minute, the company had a problem with their photo booth which may not have been fixed in two weeks.

The wedding day that they had planned for their guests was now missing its evening entertainment.

How we brought the wedding entertainment back on track

Large group of friends enjoying the magic mirror

Laura rang us and as we have four photo booths, we were able to fit their wedding in with our beauty magic mirror.

We spoke on the phone and messaged through email, to answer any questions Laura had, mindful of the fact she would be quite stressed, booking us and trying to get a refund from the other photo booth company.

The Result!

Together we make a family!

We provided our Beauty Magic Mirror at Laura & Chris's wedding and everyone had a wonderful night!

Google Review from Laura July 2022

"Fancy Pants Events were absolutely fantastic from start to finish.

Louise couldn’t have been more helpful, answering every single question so quickly. She really made the whole booking process so smooth, especially as we were in the very stressful scenario of having our original selfie mirror provider pull out two weeks before our wedding (due to faulty machinery).

Not only was the package we received from Fancy Pants Events more comprehensive, it was also at a better price point!

On our wedding day itself Louise and team were flawless in the setup of their selfie mirror which was so on point and the props were fantastic!

The photo print outs were great but an added bonus was all the soft copies we got (with and without customised borders) and even better were the free standing shots taken with a handheld camera that the team brought along themselves (without us requesting this!).

Thanks Fancy Pants for helping us avoid a small wedding disaster."

How do we guarantee this will never happen to you?

Guest laughing at the mirror photo booth

Our online booking system gives each client their own portal, this will contain all your information about your booking, our Insurance and Pats, your photo template choices and space to write the personalisation you want on your photos, payment facilities, messaging direct to us, and more.

This portal is designed to make your booking as easy as possible!

We also carry in our van spares for every photo booth that we operate, we have had photo booth failures - they happen to everyone, but everyone has been fixed onsite.

As a very last resort, we also carry a professional camera in our vans! If we can't every fix the photo booth on site, we will still have the backdrop, props and we will take the photos by hand.

We also have a recommended list of suppliers we can direct you towards - and book direct for you if required - if we aren't available for your wedding date.

Take a look at our weddding website here

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